Changes to Crusader RO, instructions on how to play, and suggestions for locations to gather levels!

In Ragnarok Online, the RO Crusader Change Recipe is a recipe that may be used to play one of the game’s professions that does not need the use of blood potions. And in addition to that, it has a quite high critical rate. It is another profession that is exciting to follow since it has one of the most fascinating players in history.

Formula to alter Crusader RO. The proper way to carry it out. Play is open to novices as well.

I think that a lot of players, some more than others, would be interested in pursuing a career with the Crusaders. Due to the fact that it is an additional profession that strikes pretty powerfully and that it is simple to gather levels, going alone may attack enemies quite effectively. The following set of operations must be performed on the RO Crusader change formula before it can be upgraded to Class 3 status on par with that of the Royal Guard.

Swordsman Job Levels 40-50 > Crusader Level 99 (Advent) > Novice Job Level 10 > The following order of jobs is recommended: Hi-Novice Job 10 > Hi-Swordsman Job 40-50 > Paladin Lv.99 Job 50-70 > Royal Guard

Recommended for Crusaders, the crit chance is high.

The Crusader class also has various opportunities to level up their skills. The character’s abilities will be directly impacted as a result of this. The Agi line, which would play a combination of the Critical line and the Holy Cross line, is the one that is suggested. This is due to the fact that in the early days of the game, there were neither enough decent things nor enough money to purchase a large quantity of potions. When you start to have a lot of SP, use Holy Cross to make it simpler to strike enemies one at a time. This will allow you to attack monsters more quickly.

We are pleased to provide the storage site for the Veil Crusader, levels 1–99.

Level 1-10

Obtain rewards by completing missions in the Academy.

Exit the town on foot and go toward Fabre, Poring, Willow, and Pupa.

Level 10-20

Thief Bug in a pipe dungeon near Prontera.

To the right of Payon City is where you’ll find Spore.

Boa made her landing at the bottom of the map of Payon City 2.

At this point in time, the suggested value for Dexterity is 40.

Level 20-30

Following its exit from Payon, Bigfoot travels one map to the right and then one map down.

Peco Peco Proceed to the very bottom of the Prontera 2 map and use the teleport at the very lowest right corner.

On the map of Payon City 2, Elder Willow emerges in the right-hand corner.

Geffen is located one map to the right and one map uphill, and Poison Spore emerges from there.

At this point in time, the recommended stats are Dexterity 40 and Agility 27.

Level 30-40

Orc Warrior and Orc Lady, located in an Orc Village Proceed through the gateway located in Prontera City to reach the Orc Dungeon.

Wolf travels one map down, then one map to the left after leaving Payon City.

Myst Case in Al De Baran Byalan After entering the portal in the Port of Izlude, go to the second level of the building.

The required stats at this time are a Dexterity of 40 and Agility of 46.

Level 40-60

Grove, take the exit for Comodo City, and go two maps to the right.

Orc Zombie is in Orc Village. Proceed through the warp to the home.

Metaller emerges from Morroc, travels two maps to the right, and then one map to the left.

The pyramid’s third level is where you’ll find the Mummy.

During this time, the recommended stats are Dexterity (40), Agility (78), and Constitution (60).

Level 60-70

Sidewinder, you need to leave Geffen, teleport to the mine, and go rightward one map. Offer a really excellent price on a Black Snake card and drop it.

Byalan, be wary of Swordfish’s Water Ball since it packs a powerful punch. It’s on the fifth level.

The Stalactic Golem emerges from within Comodo City and travels one map to the north.

The location of Requiem + Zerom is on the second level of the Sphinx.

For this time period, the recommended stats are 40 Dexterity, 80 Agility, and 41 Strength.

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